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Post91 – Awesome Buffet Place!

Address: Lane 7, Koregaon Park, Pune

Phone No.:  26109191, 9823138187

Review: We drove down to Pune from Mumbai on a lazy Sunday to go to a few parties. Before heading out to shake a leg or two, we decided to have a pit stop at Post91, a place which all of us had heard of. Fast forward to the ambiance, very nice – corporatish downstairs while upstairs it looks like a hall was turned into a makeshift diner. But no complaints anyways. Since these guys had wine + beer along with the food in the buffet, we decided to fill ourselves up with drinks and food b4 heading out anywhere. They only had Indian wines and in beer they had kingfisher blue. The main part was the food with a good variety of starters, main course and OMG!! loads and loads of desserts! We gobbled down the starters which included chicken pieces, fish, paneer and a mixed veg offering (pardon me for forgetting the names). In the main course I stuck to chicken biryani which I though was marvelous. Though this particular fish dish also tasted good. The came the dessert. I dont know about my friends, but i tried everything in desserts and I like a particular pastry which had a cheese layer on top. It was finger licking delicious! Then there was the usual mithais and other pastry offerings as well. Overall we spent 500 bucks each. Money well spent! Will definitely go to this place again whenever I am in Pune next. Bon Appetit.

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