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Pune Trip

February 20, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s been a long long time since I made a trip outside of Mumbai. So when a friend told me about a few cool parties happening in Pune (one of which was by Pete Gooding – one of my favourite House Djs) I could not resist the urge to say ‘Yes lets go rock Pune’! And that is exactly what we did!

It took approximately 3.5 hours to reach the city and another 1 hour to find the place (Koregaon Park) where the parties were happening. To see the city hustling and bustling – dup up roads, upcoming residential/commercial complexes, crazy traffic – was enough proof that Pune is indeed in the ‘big boys’ club now. A small town no more!

There was this road, a long one at that, where we travelled, which had an unusually high number of eateries. Oh! the aromas made my mouth water! But we had a plan, to head to Post91 (buffet) for lunch and then go pub hopping.

After filling ourselves to the brim at Post91, we headed out the Stone Water Grill. This place was right up there amongst the list of places which would ideally be frequented by the rich and famous and not the forget the good looking women as well!

I fell in love with the place, the decor, the ambiance, the seating arrangement, the dining room, everything here was just that good! Offcourse prices were high but that’s not going ot stop you from going now is it?

Vachan Chinappa was playing at the lounge-restaurant which greadually got crowded as the day progressed. Did not stay for the rest of the evening as we were to go Gaia. Stone Water Grill is definately a must check out place if you are in Pune. Chk Santanu’s blog here for an in-depth review: Stone Water Grill.

Next Stop – Gaia.

Gaia, though open air like Stone Water Grill, was in stark contrast to the lounge. While Stone Water was refined, Gaia looked like a treehouse (Atleast parts of it) and most of the place was a lawn which became the dance floor. Oh yes, the place also had an indoor dance floor which resembles the one at Vie Lounge in Juhu, Mumbai. Loved the place, the music and the many dark corners which did put some *ahem* *ahem* thoughts in my head!!

Gaia was the last place on the list before we headed out to have some pav bhaji and finally drove back to Mumbai. Got lost on the way but still managed to reach in 3 hours.

Overall an awesome trip and am definately looking forward to going to Pune soon!

Post91 – Awesome Buffet Place!

February 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Address: Lane 7, Koregaon Park, Pune

Phone No.:  26109191, 9823138187

Review: We drove down to Pune from Mumbai on a lazy Sunday to go to a few parties. Before heading out to shake a leg or two, we decided to have a pit stop at Post91, a place which all of us had heard of. Fast forward to the ambiance, very nice – corporatish downstairs while upstairs it looks like a hall was turned into a makeshift diner. But no complaints anyways. Since these guys had wine + beer along with the food in the buffet, we decided to fill ourselves up with drinks and food b4 heading out anywhere. They only had Indian wines and in beer they had kingfisher blue. The main part was the food with a good variety of starters, main course and OMG!! loads and loads of desserts! We gobbled down the starters which included chicken pieces, fish, paneer and a mixed veg offering (pardon me for forgetting the names). In the main course I stuck to chicken biryani which I though was marvelous. Though this particular fish dish also tasted good. The came the dessert. I dont know about my friends, but i tried everything in desserts and I like a particular pastry which had a cheese layer on top. It was finger licking delicious! Then there was the usual mithais and other pastry offerings as well. Overall we spent 500 bucks each. Money well spent! Will definitely go to this place again whenever I am in Pune next. Bon Appetit.

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Dee Rolls and More

February 13, 2009 1 comment

Address: Hill Road, Next to A1 Bakery, Opposite Mocha Mojo

Food: Double Chicken Roll

Price: Rs.50

Review: A rather interesting place to eat rolls,  this one! Not so far from Bandstand and right opposite Mochas and Hearsh Bakery is this small place which is well known for its rolls (Atleast all my friends are ga-ga about it). Can get crowded at night and there is infact a lot of place to stand and eat. I am sure once they make enough profits, they would set up chairs and tables late night to satiate the palates of the countless customers.

Onto the food part, I have been here twice now and I think the second time it was much better in terms of the quality. The first time i went here, me and friends were treated to chicken which was like rubber! So I was pretty apprehensive going there a second time but then what the heck no harm in getting another stomach upset now is there?

So i ordered for a double chicken roll and my oh my it was quite good! I like the crunchy egg-layered rotis filled with big chunks of chicken. The masala wasn’t as strong as I had last time around which was a good thing for me atleast. Overall I liked the roll and I hope they keep it consistently good. Will try something else later.

I liked the roll, hope they keep it consistent overtime as it can give some good competition to the nearby more upstate eateries!

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Pratap da Dhaba

February 1, 2009 5 comments

I have been to Pratap da Dhaba quite a few times for its one of those places which offers a killer combo of punjabi food and hard drinks all at an affordable cost. So it was without a flinch that me and my friends decided to go to Pratap da Dhaba for dinner at 8 PM! We were surprised at the crowd turn out at that time on a Saturday night (but it got full and had quite a few people waiting outside by 10PM). One inside we got down to business, ordered for 2 kingfisher mild initially, followed by 3 more later on. Besides the drinks we had a full tandoor chicken which was good but disappointing for its small size! For the main course we had chicken kadai and butter rotis. The Kadai was damn spicy and for me, spicy food just doesn’t go down with drinks. I was praying in hope that I do not puke and make a fool of myself which thankfully I did not! Phew!!!! We paid approximately 500 per person including the drinks which was a fair deal I though.

Somehow, I dont know why, but I thought the food could have been better which is what made me write the review in the first place. Ah well, matters not, we enjoyed, that’s more important.  😀

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Food + Booze + Croaking sessions

February 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Address: Agnelo Building, Khadeshwari Mandir Marg, Off St. John the Baptist Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Phone No: 26459151, 26404115

Review: Until the day I stepped inside Trafalgar, I never knew it was so close to my workplace! Vaguely described by some as a restaurant, a discotheque and even a lounge, it was time I took a final decision on what it really is.
So here I was on a weekday with nearly 10 guys and girls from my office at Trafalgar. For many of us, it was the first time.
Our intentions were to eat, drink, sing and enjoy! We got ourselves the small section adjacent to the kitchen which had a PS2 with ‘Singstar’ – the karaoke game where you sing along to your favourite (and many not so favourite) songs!.
That kept us occupied for most part of our evening while the booze kept flowing in. Unsurprisingly they have stopped their Rs.333 unlimited Beer offer!
The singing and drinking was accompanied by various starters including Murg Malai Tikka, Burschetta, Crispy Mushrooms and Pepper, Lemon Grass Chicken and Garlic Bread. Personally, I liked the murg malai tikka and though the rest could have been better especially the Burschetta.
The main course was primarily chicken biryani and for the veggies dal tadka and plain rice. Didn’t try the dal tadka but the Biryani was nice. Still, I’d prefer biryani at other places. Surprisingly for me, the drinks weren’t that expensive. At Rs.90 a pint of beer, you’d think you were sitting in Totos!
The desserts was the icing on the cake though and literally at that!
Almost everything came with vanilla ice cream, including the brownies, gulab jamun and the chocolate excess (dark chocolate). The Brownie was quite soft while the chocolate excess was a big hard block of pure chocolate. I think I would go to Trafalgar just for the chocolate excess! It was that good!
Overall, with all the singing (mostly yelling) and drinking, I was hardly in the state to think about the good and bad. But I would give it a 4 star for its good ambiance, above average food, affordable drinks and yes the karaoke session!!!