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Garcias Famous Pizza

Address: Juhu Vile Parle Scheme, Road-13 , Juhu , Mumbai- 400049

Landmark Opposite Juhu Church

Full Review:

I have been to quite a few different Garcias’ outlets and I must say the place has held its own amongst the worst pizza places you can go to! Me and my college friends were out for some pizza treat and Garcias being nearby we thought we’d drop in.

After waiting for 30 odd mins we had to call the waiter to place our orders of pizzas. And we waited another 30 mins for the pizzas to arrive! So for an hour all we did was just wait!

The pizza’s themselves weren’t what you would expect. Thin, so thin that it was impossible to hold them and eat instead we were rolling them up and eating them like spring rolls!

I do not know about the veg pizza but the non-veg one really sucked! Incidentally, I had the same pizza (chicken pahadi) as I had when I went there for the first time. Back then, more than 3 years ago, it was cheap, and very very good and almost the best pizza you could have! But this was 3 years ago and now they are just milking the customers by offering sub-standard products.

My veggie friends had also ordered some veg sheek kebab pizza which had diced chilly in it making it taste a whole like something totally different that a pizza!

We paid nearly 175 per person and honestly speaking thats like way too much for sub-standard pizza! A 12 inch pizza hardly looks 12 inch, is way too thin and had very less topping!

We had gone to Joey’s just a day before the trip to Garcias and I must say, Joey’s is the king of pizza joints! A 12 inch pizza is cheaper than the one you get in Garcias, is a lot bigger in size, a generous amount of toppings and no let-off in the quntity of chicken or paneer either!

Its a shame garcias isn’t the same it used to be. So definately not worth it atall!

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