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The Banana Bar

Address: Hotel New Castle, First Floor, Above Only Parathas, Khar (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26480483, 26480481

Full Review: Alright, So me and my friend were searching for a place to chillout. Have been to Toto’s too many times, went to Temptation to check out that place which was pretty empty at 8:30 pm (As expected). So we headed out to Banana Bar.

About the Place:

We paid 300 per head as cover charge. On Friday Banana Bar hosts Salsa nights from 9:30-11:30 pm. We were there at 9 pm.

The Music:
The Dj was playing some nice soft rock while I gulped down on some Vodka and my friend on some Beer.
Later at 9:30pm he started pumping out some nice Salsa tunes, believe me i don’t do Salsa but the beats surely got me dancing, albeit by myself only lol. After 11:30 he dished out some house/hip hop tunes which for some reason went exactly in the same order as it did in Hawaiian Shack on Wednesday when i was there!!! Nothing special really when it came to hip hop/house, the same old, the same old choons you’d hear everywhere else.

The Crowd:
Most of the people who had come there were regulars and most knew Salsa too. For the first time i saw a gathering of Salsa dancers, pretty nice sight i must say. People had gathered just for the 2 hours of salsa. Some of them (Well most of them) were like pro’s who must have been coming here every since this place opened!!
The crowd was pretty hip, some very pretty women and cool dudes. What startled me was how quickly the place was deserted when the music shifted genres. But ah well, i guess it was expected.

The ambiance:
A very chilled out place, had two big screens (the challenger trophy was being telecast). Very spacious, to allow for maximum number of people to dance their hearts out, a good thing i must say. The place is divided into two sections : one inside where the actual dancing happens, and another outside overlooking the Linking Road where you could sit and relax and catch up with your folks.
The place wasn’t very dark, a good thing, good lightning and good service too.

The Cost:
Well a Vodka cost me Rs.150.
A Beer cost my friend: Rs.120

Everything ‘food’ there was around 180 and above so we didnt bother eating anything there (Except for the chaklis that was served with the booze).

Other nights:

On thursday’s they got Karaoke nights and from Monday-Wednesday, they got retro nights (rock/hip hop) etc.

Overall, we got bored there cause none of us knew Salsa, and seeing other people enjoy so much made me jealous! It was only when the deejay started dishing out house was when it felt nice. But really, if your a Salsa lover, you gotta make this your regular Friday hang-out.

Definitely worth checking out atleast once.

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