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Ribbons & Balloons Cake Shop

Address: Sarkar Plaza Bldg, Near St. Peters School, Chappel Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26511654

Full Review: Ribbons and Balloons needs no introduction. It hosts some of the best tasting pastries I have eaten till now. For a pastery shop its a little big but that also means it has more pastries and other goodies on its menu.
The pastries range from chocolate to fruit flavours along with cakes. It also stocks the general bakery items like Bread.
The one thing i liked about it was the selection of small gifts and decoration items for every occasion you could think of be it birthdays or marriage of a candle light dinner with your sweetheart.
Though yes once we got a big cake from there which was a little old and it wouldn’t even cut with the plastic knife. So it was not very fresh either. That was by far the only bad experience for me in the last 6 months from the date of posting.
Though the pastries are nice you could give a miss to the other edibles available here unless you pick them up mid-morning or afternoon.

Price wise R&B is on par with most bakeries in Bandra with each pastry costing around Rs.40 each. Cakes are expensive starting at Rs.200 going all the way to Rs.500. Though the bad experience makes me not want to buy cakes from there though.
Overall a lovely place which makes you come back for the delicious pastries.

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