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Open Affair

Address: A/10 Gagangiri Apts, Next To Crepe Station, Carter Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26490999, 26490888, 65257474

Full Review: One of the few places that offers a multi-cuisine experience at Carter Road’s ‘Khau Galli’. A pretty exhaustive menu includes Continental, Tandoori, Indian and even Italian if I am not mistaken!
The ambiance is kick ass, sit inside and cosy with your date or chillout with your family and friends or sit outside and take in the cool carter breeze!
Well, if there is no breeze, worry not, the food will definitely provide a heavenly experience!
And oh the kitchen and the dining area are divided by a glass where the chefs are busy preparing mouth watering dishes!
Anyways me and my friend ordered for a continental starters, fried chicken pellets…if I am not mistaken, which was quite YUMMY!! low in quantity but high in quality! 😀
Next we had a main course mughlai dish and were quite surprised with the quantity which was comparable to Grill Cottage next door and that too at just 30 percent more cost!
The gravy was finger licking good and the chicken nice and soft and tender! We had a combination of naans and rotis.
All this with a nice chilled Ice Tea (which was quite awesome) made the whole meal very enjoyable.
The total bill was 680 bucks but without the starters (just the main course) I think it can easily come to 150-200 per person.
Overall, a very nice meal in a very nice restaurant at a very nice location, just about perfect for any occasion.

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