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New Yorker

Address: Grace Apartments, North South Rd No. 13, Vile Parle, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai
Tel: 26246049, 26246049
Full Review:
New Yorker is one of the better eateries in the city, or so we thought. It has that ‘Very Expensive’ feel to it though in my opinion it is a much cheaper place than say Mochas.
I like the posters on the wall, pictures from all across the city, in black and white. Really nice! (Thinking of getting something like that done in my room!)

Anyways, moving on to the food, first up was the Ice Tea followed by Swiss Cheese Fondue, Pinwheel Cannelloni and Bruschetta.
The ice tea, was a real downer, tasted like lemon juice. Not even a hint of tea in there!
The Cheese Fondue, hmm, I’d give it a 4/5 for being cheaper than Mochas and a little bit better as well. The melted cheese was much thicker that expected and was not bad at all. We got good quantity of side servings as well, good enough for two people at least (We were four of us).
Next up was the Pinwheel Cannelloni which had a lot more gravy (made primarily out of tomatoes) than stuff inside the Cannelloni. Though the waiter told us that it serves two people, I have serious doubts whether it can even serve one person. Pinwheel Cannelloni wasn’t very filling so we ordered for something small, Bruschetta. (ya ya its a starter which we ordered after the main course, ha ha!) Bruschetta is essentially garlic bread but bigger and better. Its like Version 2.0 of Garlic Bread! Jokes aside, Bruschetta was by far the best item so far. Laced with mozzarella cheese, it was quite a treat.

Iced Lemon Tea – Rs.69
Swiss Cheese Fondue – Rs.175
PinWheel Cannelloni – Rs.179
Bruschetta – Rs.89

The service was not upto the mark. The waiters took their own sweet times to come to the table when called. This when the place was relatively empty. He took quite a long time to return back with the credit card too. I didn’t expect such shoddy service from a place like New Yorker.

Overall the place was not so bad but could be better, especially in the food and service department. The 3-star rating signifies, that though some food items maybe worthwhile the rest are just not worth for the price you pay for it.

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