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Mumbai Times Cafe

Address: Crystal Shoppers Paradise, Fifth Floor, Off Linking Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 66711587

Full Review: I was there a couple of weeks ago, went in there to escape the heat. The review below aptly describes the ambiance and the fact that menu left much to be desired.
Anyways, my friend ordered a pint (as it was happy hours, there was a buy one get one free offer). I didn’t feel like drinking so ordered non-alcoholic beverage, so i ordered for a Jumbo chocolate shake ( i think that’s what its called). Well it surely was Jumbo. But here’s the sad part – it tasted exactly like bournvita 😦 .
Not worth the money.
There was also a selection of Hukkas in the veranda outside but we didn’t try that out that day. The have a nice array of magazines that you can read while your there, it includes business magazines, lifestyle magazines , women related magaziness etc etc. if your bored you can watch TV too. they got 2 screens and one projector to screen important sports events and the like.

Overall seemed like a nice place to chillout with your friends, but the menu badly needs some more additions. So like the dude below me, i’ll go and check out that place sometime later to see how its progressed so far.

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