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Mugal Sarai

Address: Next to Bandra Bus Depot, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Full Review: Went there once and the smiling face of the owners and the waiters won me over! Quite a surprise, since that is not what I was told about the place!
Anyways, from the outside it looks like a dingy place, from the inside it looks like a dingy place but don’t mistake it for a shady food joint that don’t give a damn about whether your eating chicken or rat.
A Moroccan ambiance (Yes it does have an ambiance, just like any other place would), the restaurant is divided into two area one with cramped tables, seats and another with cramped sofa-type seating place where you could stretch your legs and relax (I still haven’t gotten how to explain this particular part of a restaurant!!).
It offers hookahs and in my view is one of the best places to actually watch the IPL (they have a big LCD screen). Imagine hookah, some nice tender chicken, friends and some good cricket, what better way to spend an evening after work?
Anyways the last time i was there, it was with some vegans! Offcourse, I did have a carnivore for company!
So we got down to ordering some food. First up was a Malai Kofta and Mixed Sabji for the veggies and chicken tandoori for me and my friend. The malai kofta bought back found memories of family gatherings around the family’s favourite dish!
The tandoori chicken on the other hands is set to create some found memories for me! The tender breast pieces, were cooked just about enough to make us salivate while eating and order for more after we finished. We also has a chicken Afghani kebab which can give the paneer a run for its softness!!!
Next up was a chicken boneless kadai, which though spicy was still quite nice. At the time we ordered the kadai the quantity seemed fit for 4 people but ah well the endless pits of two people were enough to finish the whole dish with multiple rounds of butter rotis, butter naans, normal rotis and normal naans!! In short we had a feast fit for a king!
All this for a mere 500 bucks was enough to make us want to come here again and again and again!

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