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Moti Mahal

Address: 116, Junction of Guru Nanak Road and Waterfield Road, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26408577, 65738806, 9820177731

Full Review: I have been to many places, and Moti Mahal scored well over the rest in one aspect which was hospitality, A smiling face greeting u at the door and smiles all throughout really made me feel very comfortable there.
From the outside it looks like an expensive place and it is, at least for me. The ambiance is unbeatable. It really makes u wanna sit there for as long as you can. White walls with a tinge of blue and soft music playing in the background made a for very nice lunch experience for me.
Down to the food, we ordered ice tea, Tandoori rotis, Methi Murg and Hyderabadi chicken handi.
The Ice tea was amazing and at 81 bucks it was total value for money.
But the rest of the food frankly disappointed me. The rotis were too small and the food, well I have tasted better. The quantity was quite less too. The whole meal wasnt filling atall (though that was the idea since we didnt want to go back to office with a bloated tummy).
The prices were on the higher side of things. The dishes cost us Rs.200+ each while the rotis were worth 20 bucks a piece if i am not mistaken. The ice tea was for 81 bucks and one of the best i have ever had.
Overall, good hospitality, great atmosphere, not so great tasting food and quite expensive too. I am sure I wouldnt be going there again, there are better places in Bandra that offer better quality, more quantity for half the price.

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