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Mini Punjab

Address: Shop No 3, Kailash Shopping Center, Jn. Of 16th & 33rd Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai
Tel: 26002164, 26004395, 26005206
Full Review:
I had for long time wanted to try out Mini Punjab and finally got a chance this week when my team decided to go out for lunch on a pleasant Wednesday afternoon.
From the outside it looked like a good enough place. From the inside, well, it was small and claustrophobic. The construction of the place is rather weird and one gets the feeling that most of the space is occupied by walls! Funnily, looked like a restaurant cum bar to me though offcourse the place does not serve alcohol. Anyways, we had to switch on the A/C (yes we did it ourselves) and it finally felt like we were inside an A/C hall.
Moving on to the food, we were 7 of us so it was going to be a big feast! We quickly ordered for starters, main course and drinks in that order.
Starters constituted of Paneer Chilly, Paneer Tikka and Pahadi Kebab. The Paneer Chilly was the best starter dish any of us have had in a while. It wasn’t very spicy, but just about enough to make me take a few sips of water. The Pahadi Kebab was a bit weird. I think it was cooked in mustard oil (or whichever oil it was, it was too much oil!). The chicken wasn’t tender and quite dry as well. It looked liked it was burnt rather than cooked in some masala. Paneer Tikka was a let down as well, it was quite bland and hardly any flavour other than that of bland paneer.
Moving on to the main course, we ordered for Chicken Kadai, Chicken Tikka Masala, Paneer Kadai, Jeera Rice, Dal Fry, Rotis, Naans and Aloo Parathas.
Starting from the Best: Paneer kadai. Absolutely lip smackingly delicious. The Jeera Rice was very good. Not too dry, not too oily, just right. I cannot eat rice without a side dish such as dal, but this one I could. The Dal Fry, was delicious as well, once i had that, I forgot all the chicken in my plate and hogged much of the remaining Dal Fry.
Sadly, it was the non-veg dishes that weren’t so good. While the Chicken Kadai had four pieces of chicken and water thin gravy, the Chicken Tikka Masala had a sparse quantity of chicken with thick gravy which did not taste like chicken tikka atall.
The rotis weren’t so good either. Lots of butter on em which is sure to give someone a heart attack. The Parathas on the other hand though were very very good. Again, not very oily and stuffed with mashed aloo and herbs.
Next up were the drinks, I had the lassi which I thoroughly enjoyed. The rest ordered for fresh lime water.
On the service part, we were served well until the place got packed with some women after which the waiters just didn’t come to our table! It took more time to call them for the bill and subsequently collect the bill than the time taken to bring the order!
On the pricing front we paid Rs.1286 overall. Here is the breakdown:
Aloo Paratha – Rs.30 (Worth very penny)
Butter Naan – Rs.25
Butter Roti – Rs. 15
Roti – 12
Chicken Kadai – Rs. 150 (Not worth the price)
Dal Fry – Rs.80 (Extremely good)
Fresh Lime Water – Rs.25
Jeera Fried Rice – Rs.85
Lassi – Rs.30
Paneer Chilly – Rs.120 (Good but expensive)
Pahadi Kebab – Rs.150 (Too expensive)
Paneer Kadai – Rs. 130 (The best of the lot)
Paneer Tikka – Rs.120 (Again, too expensive)

The pricing of some of the products was ridiculous considering the fact that the food was not tasty and the quantity was less as well. They are taking advantage of their location.
Overall, not really a recommended place for its high prices and not so good dishes.

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