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Address: A/6, Gagangiri Apartment, Carter Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai
Full Review:
Me and 3 of my friends were wanting to try out a new diner this weekend and decided to check out our favourite haunt – carter road – for any place overlooked by us previously. And yes there was one such eatery, last in the line of the famed khau galli is this relatively new place which serves Lebanese and Mughlai food.
All of us were pretty hungry so ordered for the main course which consisted of Paneer Makhani and Chicken Lakori and butter rotis. Getting down to business, the rotis (Atleast the first round) was cold, there wasn’t event a hint of heat in the rotis (it was as if the rotis were already ready and served with hot melted butter) which really put us off. Secondly, the veg quantity was quite less and to top of it all the makhani was quite tasteless – the paneer bland and so was the gravy and oh it was yellow in colour. I thought makhani is red and spicy?
The non veg though, Chicken Lakori, was quite the opposite. Very tender and yummy chicken and spicy as well. The quantity was almost double the veg dish which was quite a sore sight for my veggie friends.
Coming back to the menu, the starters are in the range of Rs.100 while the main course is around Rs.100-150. The menu is quite limited in the drinks department with water, coke, and apple/orange juice (canned not fresh).
We paid around Rs.80 each, quite cheap I must say and as far as the non veggies were concerned, it was value for money though the same view was not shared by the veggies.
Lastly, ambiance wise its an open air restaurant with no air-condition facilities. There are six tables which can seat approximately 20 people. So the place is more suited for take away orders than dining.
Cons: Cold rotis, quite less quantity for veg food and hardly any drinks on the menu.
Pros: Good tasty non-veg food and good quantity as well. Not atall heavy on the wallet like some of the other places on Carter Road.

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