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Joey’s Pizza

Address: Shop No.6 and 7, Upvan Building, Behind Indian Oil Colony, Andheri (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26304808, 26304809

Full Review: Joey’s Pizza is arguably one of the best (if not the best) pizza joints i have had the pleasure of satiating my appetite.
The place is big enough but i am guessing they make more money by way of home delivery. Good place for a family, friends or a date; they got tables for everyone.
One thing i like about that place is its located in a residential area, pretty quiet, no hustle bustle of commercial district; definitely a great place to enjoy your meal.
Every time I have been there I have always ordered a 12 inch pizza (off course with friends ;)).

The service at Joey’s is good though off course they take their own sweet time in getting the pizza which sometimes takes more than 30 minutes! (Now you know why they do not do the ’30 mins of free’ deliveries)
Until that time try the cheese garlic bread, an absolute treat!
But the time taken does not matter anymore after u take that first bite after the pizza has arrived! Hot and fresh! One bite and you will swear not to go to any other pizza place again!
The pizza tastes good with a good amount of cheese on it! There are a lot of toppings too. A lot of cheese coupled with a lot of toppings does make the pizza a little too soft for my liking but what the heck the taste is still unbeatable.

The pricing is pretty standard and they got different categories like I, II and III where you get different pizzas for different prices ranging from the cheapest, the basic cheese pizza all the way to the mixed meat pizza!
For first timers try the Category III pizzas (All of them are pretty good)

On the pricing front, one 12 inch + garlic bread plus soft drink will set you back by Rs.400.

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