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It’s Mirchi

Address: Hotel Ramee Guestline, 462, A.B. Nair Road, Next to Holiday Inn, On the road to Hare Krishna Temple from the J W Mariott, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai

Tel: 66905555, 669355555

Full Review: Hotel Ramee Guestline’s rooftop resturant, It’s Mirchi was recently ‘raided’ by me and three of my friends. All four of us are big eaters so a buffet seemed the best way to satiate our desires to stuff ourselves to the brim!
We started around 9, seated on a table meant for 10; lucky for us it was not very crowded, so no one really bothered us with seating issues.
Immediately after we reached there we got down to our business.
While i ordered a Beer, the other guys ordered Ice Tea and Bacardi. The Ice Tea was very good plus much cheaper than many other places!
The drinks were followed by the starters. Each table has a place in the middle to keep the grill where the starters can be roasted/heated to your liking. Very similar to BBQ Nation.
We were served with Prawns, fish, chicken kebabs, paneer and small pellets of palak paste ( i think) with kaju pieces in them.
I liked the chicken, prawns and paneer. Me and my friend only had starters while the other two moved onto the main course.
The main course changes from time to time (or on a daily basis, I am not sure) so it is better to call them and ask about what will be the main course on a particular day.
The main course was pretty minimal, with some mutton and lamb dish and biryani. There was some chicken dish too.
I do not know the names of the dishes in the main course as i was busy hogging on the starters.
I left enough space for the dessert though. Since i was down with a cold i decided to stay away from mango ice cream which tasted like it was bought from Naturals Ice Cream Parlour. The other dessert items include Jalebi and the Gulab Jamun which were both hot and very very delicious. The Gulab Jamun were very soft, just the way i like em. The same can be said about the Jalebi. I am not a big jalebi fan but here i was helping myself for multiple servings of this delicacy from up north.
I must have taken atleast 5 servings of both the Gulab Jamun and the Jalebi. I could not help it, it was just so good!

Well that was the food part, next is the ambiance.
The one reason why i wanted to go there was because it was an open air restaurant. Well, open air, it is NO MORE. This was a big let down for all of us. But even then the over all ambiance was very good. A good place to come with a family or friends or your girlfriend/boyfriend. They have a place for everyone and that is what struck me the most. Nice corner seats for couples and big balcony seats for a family. Will keep this in mind.
The staff was very responsive, always with a smile when serving us. Even though it was a buffet they did not mind bringing the food to us (especially desserts).

Overall it was a good experience. Yes, the food could have been better but i think i would not mind going there again for the same quality of food either. If they do make it open air again then i am there for sure.

The bill came to around Rs.3000.

Here’s a breakdown:
Beer (Pint) – 99
Ice Tea – 60
Buffet – 349
Rum 60ml (large) – 300

(The prices are exclusive of taxes)

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