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Grill Cottage

Address: Next to Amore, Carter Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 9819530472

Full Review:

About the place:
Its a small outlet with 9 tables (including one which can accommodate a family of 10-15 easily). All tables (Except for the first two on the right) have seating arrangements where u can lie down and eat your food (if u wish too) or just cross your legs, slide back and relax on the round pillows and stare at the stars above you!. its a semi-open place but that’s what you would want in the sweltering heat.
The place feels like your sitting in a village in Punjab in the veranda for a nice cosy dinner. I might add, its a nice place to take your gal (or guy) for a delightful dinner thats not very hard on the pockets either.

About the food:

We first ordered for starters – Pepper Chicken. That alone transported us to what foodies would call ‘heaven’. For a change we could taste the pepper and the chicken tasted like no other.

Then we ordered for 2 half glasses of lassi (glad we ordered half cause its one huge glass!!!) the lassi was thick (but not too think), just the way i like it!
Next we ordered for a Chicken Lahori and 6 tandoori rotis. The quantity was good (a little too much after the lassi and chicken pepper though lol). But what the heck, if the food tastes so good, there is no harm in indulging. Though i though the tandoori roti was a tad smaller than the one i have had @ Pratap the Dhabba.
The cost: Pepper Chicken – 90
6 Rotis – 6*10 – 60
Half glass lassi – 2*40 – 80
Lahori Chicken – 90

Total – Rs.320

Another place added to my ‘To be Frequented often’ places. 😀

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