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Address: Minoo Minar Building, Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26734165, 26734159

Full Review: Me and my college friends went here, 10 of us and none had been here before. The ambiance of the place was more like a family restaurant, but the outside non-ac area was quite perfect for friends or for a date. They had a floor on top as well.
We were sitting on the outside where the tables near the wall are only lit by candles. Gets a little dark if you want to read the menu properly but after a few minor adjustments it was all fine and dandy.
Moving on to the food and beverages. First of me and my friend ordered for a couple of Kingfisher pints which was priced at Rs.80 per pint. Quite cheap i must say. Then the rest of us ordered Paneer and Chicken starters which were oh so delicious!
Paneer was melting in the mouth like an ice cream while the chicken was soft and tender and tasted very good.
Later we had lassi which was sweet but still nice and thick, just the way i like it.
The main course included, paneer kadai, chicken afgani and chicken kadai. The kadais were incredibly good, if i could i would have ordered a couple more kadais! The chicken afgani was brilliant too.
A liberal serving of chicken and paneer along with yummy butter rotis made the whole dinner experience quite memorable. Offcourse there were the candle lights but matters not when you are with your good friends.
The service was good, quick and efficient. If the waiter said 10 minutes, he bought the food in 10 minutes.
Moneywise, on the expensive side, but you get way you pay for, every morsel is worth the money you spend here.
The total bill came to 2.2k for what could be aptly called a Kings’ feast.
There was just nothing wrong that I could find with Courtyard which is why the 5 stars and I am definitely adding this place to my ‘frequently visited’ destinations.

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