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Caravan Serai

Address:  First Floor, 155, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26432570, 26453581, 26452600, 26459711

Full Review:

Caravan Serai was a random pick for lunch on a busy weekday and it was not a bad choice atall!
As soon as we entered the place, we were taken aback by a very North Indian village house ambiance. It was quite a pleasant setting for a relaxed lunch. I`d give 5 stars for the ambiance cause of the fact that we spent 2 hours there instead of the regular 1 hour lunch time we have in office and did not even realize that. (Offcourse the yelling from the bosses later is not counted).
Jumping straight to the food, we ordered a few quick starters.
Kesari Murg Tikka , Kokri Kabab and Paneer Paratdar and a Lassi and fresh lime soda to go with the food.
First things first, the Kokri Kabab (I think that is how it is spelt) was just out of the world. crusty from the outside and had filling inside. I do not exactly know what it contained but whatever it was it was extremely delicious. The Paneer Paratdar was soft, bland and it melted in the mouth. The chicken starter was pretty good. Nice, tender and yummy.
Next up was the main course which consisted of Chicken Kolhapuri and Subzi Punjabi along with Kulcha. My first time with Kulcha and I really liked it. Quite delicious, even though it was plain I could eat it without the gravy!!
Chicken Kolhapuri was spicy as usual and as far as I can remember, the most spicy Kolhapuri Chicken I have ever had. Subzi Punjabi was nice as well. A mix of sabzi along with paneer pieces. It was a good tasty dish and more on the spicy side but not as spicy as the Kolhapuri, just good enough for my taste.
The Lassi was very very nice. I really liked it, not very thick and not very thin either. For dessert, we had Shahi Tukda which was the first time i was having the dish and it was quite a delicious way to end the whole meal. The Fresh Lime Water, well, i could never differentiate between a Rs.3 nimbu paani and a Rs.100 nimbu paani and I will leave it at that.

Here are the prices:
Kesari Murg Tikka 260
Kokri Kabab 195
Paneer Paratdar 215
Chicken Kolhapuri 240
Subzi Punjabi 195
Kulcha 50
Shahi Tukda 125
Fresh Lime Soda 50
Fresh Lime Water 50
Lassi 90

The food was excellent, coupled with a very relaxed ambiance makes this a must visit place. But one thing, the waiters kept hovering around the table. Well ok it was not very crowded that time of the day but this was just a little too much. We were engrossed in our petty conversations so did not notice them much but that can really put off people. Overall four-stars to Caravan Serai.
Bon Appetit!!

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