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Bombay Blue

Address: R Mall, 3rd Floor, LBS Marg, Mulund (W), Mumbai
Ph. No: 67551333, 67551444
Full Review:
I have been to bombay blues quite a lot of times before and interestingly never tried the Indian food here. So me and friend (who actually insisted on Indian food in the first place) good down to picking up something nice and yummy. So we zeroed in on Paneer Makhan Masala and Butter Naan. We also ordered Onion Rings and Lemon Iced Tea.
Starting with the onion rings, man they were oily. Almost gave me a heart attack. It would have been a really good starter had it not been for the tonne of oil dripping incessantly from the rings.
Next up was the Paneer Makhan Masala which was pretty good and suited both our palates. The quantity though was questionable as it was quite less even for someone who doesn’t eat a lot. (I am talking about my friend here). There is something about the naans in Bombay Blues, I could eat them without any dish, they are just that tasty. The Lemon Iced Tea was good as usual. Never had any complaints against their Iced Tea yet.
Finally on the pricing front we paid:
Iced Tea – 89
Paneer Makhan Masala – 130
Onion Rings – 100

A tad too expensive this place, especially considering the low quantity and the high prices. The ambiance though is quite good, very comfy and is quite spacious with enough rooms between tables. Also has a nice and comfy sofa at the edges for that comfortable evening date.
Overall a good dining experience, good service and good food.

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