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Address: Juhu Leather Shop, 16/28-29, Janki Kutir, Juhu Church Road, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai
Tel: 66025793
Full Review:
Barista is well known for its many coffee flavours and other snacks besides a chilled out ambiance. Well this outlet was no different. I was out with friends winding up at Barista after a hard day’s work. Wanted something small to fill me up so ordered for a Chicken Tikka Sandwich and a Barista Frappe with Vanilla Ice Cream to go with it.
The sandwich was, by any standards pathetic to say the least. I have had better sandwich, yes chicken tikka sandwich, for a quarter of what I paid at Barista.
The coffee on the other hand was better but not worth the Rs.155 I paid for it!
The only thing that makes me give the outlet two stars is the ambiance which I think is really the best part about place.

Chicken Tikka Sandwich – Rs.73
Barista Frappe with Ice Cream – Rs.100+Rs.33
Corn and Spinach Sandwich – Rs.66

Overpriced, sad food coupled with an overpriced drink was not what we bargained for at Barista. I wont be going to any Barista outlet anytime soon.

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