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Amici Gelato Artigianale

Address: Stop No. 5, Hemkund, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 67101847

Full Review:
I have not been to Italy, but i have been to Amici’s Gelato Artigianale and had it not been set up the way it, I would have mistaken it for any other gelato joint. The most beautiful ambiance of any ice-cream parlour I have ever been to! This one surely stands out in the Moti Mahal lane, yet remains hidden for most, like it was for me all these months! It has seating inside and outside with the seats reminding me of the ones I have seen at bus stops in Italian movies!
The service is great, the guy at the counter looks quite knowledgeable and always had a smile on his face irrespective of whether we ordered anything. he served us our orders and our trails with a big satisfactory smile which was an outstanding gesture on his part.
Now to the goodies, there were approximately 12 flavours and there was an option to mix any two flavours in cup or cone which was small, medium and big in size.
There was a strawberry flavour which tasted as if it was made from fresh strawberries. One spoonful instantly transported me to Mahabaleshwar!
Then there was Mochachino, dark chocolate,a host of other flavours and some special veg-only ice creams for the hardcore veggies.
I had a dark chocolate with the coffee ice cream. Yes yes, one bitter flavour with another! but that ensured that no one bothered me saying ‘taste kara, taste kara’.
Ok on to the bitter chocolate part, I have tasted many and this was by far the best I have ever had. If you want to taste what real chocolate tastes like, then head on to Amici, you will not be disappointed!
The one thing Amici has done to me now is that I will not be going to any other ice cream parlour for a long long time!!!!
I had a medium sized single scoop waffle cone with two flavours which cost me 70 bucks. I think this is cheaper than amore if I am not mistaken. But what the heck a price tag cannot be put on things that transport you to heaven quite gracefully and with every passing moment make you realise, that there are somethings in life that money can buy – immense satisfaction!

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