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5 Spice

Address: 3/4, Dheeraj Pali Arcade, Dr Ambedkar Road, Pali Naka, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26421941, 26421943, 26421949, 26421952

Full Review:

I had heard a lot about the Value For Money aspect of 5Spice and finally got a chance to try it out. Dragged along my office colleagues to this place for lunch. Good thing it was empty and we got a table instantly. I liked the ambiance inside, gave the feeling that it was a very very expensive place. A very helpful staff made us feel very welcome. Offcourse, my friend who had been there for dinner had a different opinion and was soon forced to change her opinion about everything.

Soonafter, we got down to the main bit of ordering appetizers which consisted of Dragon Chicken and Chilly Crispy Potatoes. Honestly, the Dragon Chicken was nothing special and the Chilly Crispy Potatoes were nothing more than french fries dipped in some sauce! It tasted pretty good though! Oh and it wasn’t chilly, but sweet. quite a misleading name, I must say.
Next up, we ordered for main course – Chicken Thai Rice, Chicken Sezchuan Noodles and Roast Cantonese Chicken. Drinks included Lemon Mojito, Juicy Bird, Watermelon Booster and Sunset Margarita.
The main course stumped us all with the quantity, huge bowl of rice and noodles and accompanied by another huge serving of Cantonese Chicken. The main course was really the highlight of the whole experience. Huge strands of rice and noodle did take us by surprise initially but we soon got down to business. The rice was good and made it better with some liberal serving of the variety of sauces on the table (Except for Soy and Sezchuan, I couldn’t figure out what the rest was). The noodles though wasn’t very special, though it wasn’t bad either. The gravy was awesome. I would order just that if I had too!
Amongst the drinks, Juicy Bird was the standout – A must try at 5Spice. The watermelon Booster is for those who don’t catch a cold so easily, I do and one sip was enough for me to go bonkers! But it tasted really fresh and was refreshing as well. Lemon Mojito, well, I have tasted better.
Overall, the quantity was good, thats the USP of 5Spice, but the price was way higher than what you would expect especially when not everything you order stands up to the price it commands. The juices at 130 each were a tad too expensive.
The food was definitely filling and overall quality was good as well. A 3-star rating, maybe a bit harsh but the price is the real turn off here. Besides, the mixed bag, quality of food is the difference maker between 3-star and 4-star here.

Juices: Rs.130 each
Lemon Mojito
Juicy Bird
Watermelon Booster
Sunset Margarita

Dragon Chicken – Rs.220
Chilly Crispy – Rs. 180

Main Course:
Chicken Thai Rice – Rs. 220
Chicken Cantonese – Rs. 225
Chicken Sezchuan Noodles – Rs.185

I would still go a few more times here, cause the food was not bad atall but just not upto the expectations.

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