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210 degrees

Address: Prem Court, Jamshedji Tata Road, Samrat Restaurant, Churchgate, Mumbai

Full Review:

I went to Marine Drive on a lazy Sunday morning to enjoy the monsoon and landed up at 210 Degrees for my first ever Breakfast Brunch (if I can call it that). Anyways here is the review:

The Place:

210 degrees is a heaven for vegetarians. It is located outside Samrat Restaurant (which itself is a veggie’s delight) and has a small seating area (just about 6 tables with four chairs each). My friends and me went there at 10 AM as it opens at that time and were treated to a full stock of cakes, pastries and other delectable items.
One observation here – the cakes here are so well designed and well decorated that you feel like buying them even if there is no occasion to celebrate.

The Food:
Anyways, after much contemplating, we decided to order the Paneer Cheese Plait and Paneer Tikka Croissant. The Croissant was well, just like a Croissant, lots of bread and very little paneer. No complaints though, as the bread was soft and the paneer even more softer and yummier.

The Paneer Cheese Plait was totally opposite the croissant in terms of filling. A very very liberal filling of paneer, coupled with a liberal cheese spread and soft bread made this dish the best breakfast dish in the 23 years I have existed on the blue planet. I really wanted to have one more but decided against it. So opted for an Open Veg Pizza, which again had lots of cheese, but not many ‘vegetables’. The base was crunchy enough to make this a good quick snack.

Next up was the urge to have a pastry, after all, how can a meal (So what if it was just breakfast) be complete without desserts? So I ordered for a Chocolate Zebra and my friend ordered a Blueberry Cheese Cake. I totally loved the Cheese Cake, so much so that I ate almost the whole of it (whilst also finishing my Zebra simultaneously). The Cheese Cake melted in the mouth and was an absolute delight! Cheese cakes weren’t my preference before but now they surely are! The Chocolate Zebra was good too and quite huge for its price.

Besides the pastries and the croissants, I had an Espresso as well. My first time with it. But I actually liked it and was very refreshing. Oh and the coffee was freshly made out of coffee beans grounded to powder right in front of our very own eyes. It wasn’t the sight but the smell which I can vividly recall even now.

Overall, one of the best breakfast meals I have had in a very long time. A much needed break from the usual bread-butter-tea regime! 210 Degrees is so definitely on my ‘regular haunts’ list now!

The Service:
The service was good, not exactly with a smile, but the guys at the counter were doing their best to get over the ‘Sunday Morning’ blues!.

The Price:
Espresso – Rs.20
Coffee – Rs.25
Paneer Cheese Plait – Rs.25
Paneer Tikka Croissant – Rs.25
Open Veg Pizza – Rs.30
Blueberry Cheese Cake – Rs.45
Chocolate Zebra – Rs.50

210 Degrees is by far one of the better places near Churchgate station to have a quick bite which is filling and is light on the pockets as well. Good food, great presentation, and awesome pricing makes 210 Degrees a must visit place any-damn-time-of-any-given-day. Breakfast preferred though!

There is a lot of stuff on offer at 210 Degrees including – Pastries, Cakes, Brownies, Mousse, Muffins, Pies, Donuts, Lavas, Bread Sticks, Coffee, Breads (Regular, European, French, Health), Pav, Rolls, Croissants, Puffs, Bread Snacks and Quiches.

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