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Address: Amrapali Shopping Centre, V. L. Mehta Marg, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai
Tel: 66960902, 26107042
What’s it good for: Wine,cheese cakes,
Full Review: Alright Alright, yes I will talk about the entire dining experience but damn the range of cheese cakes they had, I so wish I could parcel each and everyone one of them!!
Anyways coming back to the review, it was a friend’s treat so we could, for once, not worry much about the bill!
So we ordered a liberal serving of starters and main course and some drinks as well. I know, or came to know, that this place is more known for its sea food but since we had a veggie with us, we decided to pass.
In drinks, we got lassi, ice tea and a smirnoff orange twist. They have a wide variety of wines as well and quite reasonably priced compared to most other places in and around Juhu.
Coming to the starters, we ordeed Aloo Cheese Ball and Paneer ka Salan. Expensive but worth every morsel!
Later we ordered for a Paneer Handi and Dal Bukhara. Quality wise – no complains, Quantity wise – a bit more wouldn’t hurt!
Lastly, for desserts, we had Malai Kulfi and a Bluberry Cheese Cake which was devoured by yours truly! I have come to like cheese cakes quite a lot these days and I thought it was the best cheese cake I have had till now. (Even though it seemed it was kept at the shelf for the whole day!)
The total bill came to Rs.1437.00. Pricey affair yes, but no complaints as far as quality is concerned.
Somehow I really liked this place a lot (Except for the noisy kids which is why it gets 3 stars!) the food and the ambiance were good and offcourse the cheese cake!!!

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