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Just Biryani

Address: Shop No.4 & 5, Building No. 25, Link Road Extn., Oshiwara, Andheri (W), Mumbai
Tel: 26355110/9069, 55794713-14
What’s good: Chicken Biryani offcourse! but also the chicken Reshmi Tikka
On the lookout for a sumptuous meal last weekend, we stumbled upon this small place called Just Biryani. We were lucky we got a table for 2 as soon as we reached there.
My first impressions, very small, a little crowded, maybe a couple of waiters less but the place has a good ambiance nonetheless.
We were under the impression that this place would only serve biryani’s or atleast give biryani’s a more prominent place on the menu. The biryani’s were listed on the last page which is alright if your not sitting in a restaurant which is called ‘Just Biryani’.
Anyways, we quickly ordered our food, Dum Biryani and Reshmi Tikka Kabab. But before ordering, we had to call out quite a few times for someone to get us water and when someone did get water, they dropped it all over the table! What can I say? I was definitely pissed but it didn’t show on my face! I wonder how that waiter saw what was behind the mask!!
Moving on to the food, I just loved the biryani and the starter. Nice big strands of rice with quite a lot of meat in it. The big differentiating factor definitely from the biryani I had here and other places was the gripping aroma. It not only tasted good but it smelt good as well. The chicken was tender as well.
With the food, we ordered ice tea where there was no hint of tea!! just a lot of sugar in there!! so we mixed 1 part ice tea with 2 part water and drank our very own home-made glucose syrup!!
Overall, the food is excellent, the drinks ah! less said the better and the service, though its with a smile, it still does need some tweaking!
On the pricing front, I think its a tad too expensive; we spent more than Rs.150 each between the two of us. But overall I`d say I would love to go there again just for the Biryani!

  1. aditimittal
    February 10, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    I used to order-in from there when I lived in Andheri. The tikkas and biryanis were amazing no doubt, but the next time you go there you HAVE TO try their tandoori roti. I’m a hardcore rice fan, but the rotis at Just Biryani….SUPERLATIVE!

    “The biryani’s were listed on the last page which is alright if your not sitting in a restaurant which is called ‘Just Biryani.’” 😀

    • Nishant Singh
      February 10, 2010 at 9:01 pm

      hm the first time we went there it was the best biryani we had back then! Its been a long time now. I hope the biryanis taste the same now 😉

      And yes I do find it strange that the biryanis are listed last but then as u said ‘..is alright if your not sitting in a restaurant which is called ‘Just Biryani.’” 😀

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